Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Cache of Cans (part 3)

I have made two previous posts about a cache of cans I found by a garage in town (post 1 from May 17 and post 2 from May 21).  This is an update about my latest visit.

A couple of weeks ago I finally ran into the guy whose recycle pile I've gone through a couple of times.  I told him about my can collection and he told me about his, except he turns his in for money.  So we now have an arrangement that I can go by any time to look through his pile for any cans I may need.  I told him I would replace any I take (although he wasn't too concerned about that). 

So last night after work, I stopped by to see what he had.  I know he recently cashed in all the cans I had gone through before, so pickings were a little slim this time.  He only had a couple of trash cans full.  This time I didn't dig too deep, I didn't go through every can as I did last time because the mosquitoes were horrendous.  But I was able to find five cans in the five minutes or so I was there. 

My plan is to visit the cache at least once a month. 

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