Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shasta Week

I was on vacation from work Monday, June 27, through Wednesday, June 29.  A guy I work with was on vacation from Thursday, June 30, through July 7.  So we didn't see each other for two weeks.  He knows about my collection and has brought a few cans to me.  And with that background out of the way, here's the story.

When I returned to work from my vacation on Thursday, June 30, there were two Shasta cans sitting in my desk.  I knew they were from him, he had mentioned his daughter liked Shasta.  I have a lot of old Shasta cans, but these were my first ones of the current design (cream soda and kiwi strawberry).

When I met someone from Craigslist to buy their 7 Up "United We Stand" collection this last Wednesday, there was a Schnucks across the parking lot.  So I ducked in there to look for AriZona tea cans I am missing.  They had no AriZona tea in cans, but I did see the Shasta section.  And they sold them individually for $.27 each.  What a bargain!  So of their selection, I chose ten that I didn't have.  That was a big Shasta score! 

And when my co-worker returned from his vacation two days later, on Friday, he brought me three more cans of Shasta (grape, black cherry, and tiki punch).

Current Shasta flavors
Fifteen new cans, thus ended Shasta Week.  What will this week bring?


  1. Perhaps you can help me. I am frantically searching for information that does not exist. I have a Shasta Cream Soda can, and I am trying to find information about it online, but the only things I can deduce are that it is an 80's design, and it may be badly discolored (for it is entirely in tints of tan and brass, with a partially pink line below the logo that's silver except in one spot). Can you help me appraise it?

    1. One more thing. My email is if you want to just email me a response. Thanks in advance.