Sunday, October 23, 2016

Birthday Cans

My recent birthday brought a few more cans into the house.  As part of my gift from the kids I got these three AriZona natural energy teas.

If they taste half as good as the labels look, these should be mighty fine.  They could come in handy for those long, late-night gaming sessions or binge-watching newest popular streaming series.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ecto II

2016 Ecto Cooler
A few years ago I did a post about Ecto Cooler.  It was a Hi-C citrus drink tie-in for the first Ghostbusters movie in 1987.  The can featured Slimer, one of the ghosts from the movie.

With the release of the new Ghostbusters movie earlier this year, Hi-C brought back Ecto Cooler with a new can design and I snagged one.  Of course the can features green slime dripping down over a picture of citrus, but it lacks any images of ghosts this time around.

I thought it appropriate this evening to take a few pictures of the can in an actual cemetery.  Below is a picture of the can sitting at the top of the steps that lead to an old church in the cemetery.  The plaque says the Mt. Zion Church was there from 1892-1961.

What was I doing in a cemetery this evening?  It's almost Halloween.  I was just making the most of a spooky fall evening.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sunny Addition to the Collection

A day trip across the border to Indiana today proved what I've said many times on this blog:  There are a lot more beer cans out in the wild for sale than soda cans.

A cool American Brewers collection

All beer cans
And it's true, I didn't find any soda cans today that I didn't already have.  But I found a different kind of can that I didn't even know existed...  canned sunshine.

Of course it's gimmicky but every once in a while you have to let loose and go crazy.  So this can of "sunshine" also came with instructions and additional information about its contents.

And the can was even designed to be mailed???  I've never seen that before.

Anyone interested in some fresh farm air from Illinois?  I'm ready to can it.  And I'll even discount bulk orders...