Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christmas Cans 2015

It has begun.  The Christmas cans are here.  This year, Coca-Cola continues its Santa Claus theme in addition to its nickname theme.  This equates to who-knows-how-many variations of the can.  Hopefully not too many.  I've also seen holiday-themed aluminum bottles of Coca-Cola with different nicknames/phrases on them.

Are any other collectors getting a headache yet?  :)

My dad found this can on the side of the road and brought it to me.  It's damaged, but it's my first Christmas can of 2015.

12/4/15 Update
We got our monthly supply of beverages at work and I scored this "Secret Santa" Diet Coke holiday can.  It features white and silver snowflakes in the background.

12/13/15 Update
I went out to eat with my parents yesterday and my dad handed me this Coca-Cola can he had found on the roadside (is that weird thing to say?  haha).

I love the fact that there are check boxes next to "naughty" and "nice" so you can select one.

Monday, November 23, 2015

It's a Small World

My can collection is not a secret at work.  Co-workers often bring cans to see if I have them or not.  Last week a co-worker sent an email to me with a link to Google Maps showing the immediate area surrounding our place of work.  And within a 12-minute walk (according to Google) is the Brewery Collectibles Club of America (BCCA) office.

I've been familiar with the BCCA for a few years now.  I've visited their website many times just looking around.  There's a lot of interesting info there.  Although I don't collect beer cans, I do have many of them that were included in some of the lots of soda cans I've bought.  I was so surprised to find out they are essentially "down the street" from where I work.

At the risk of looking like some weird kind of stalker, I drove past there this morning and snapped these pics just to verify that Google was correct.  And it is.  Now, is there an NPCC office in the neighborhood that I don't know about?

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dry Hiney

Today was a nice fall day in the Midwest and I spent it on the road visiting various shops and markets.  I saw a lot of beer cans as usual and not many soda cans.  But one can caught my eye and although it's not a soda can, I had to buy it.  

The can is from 1983 and celebrates the 175th anniversary of a local winery.  It's an aluminum can with a ring pull tab.  And it gives a short history of the Hiney Winery on the back of the can.  

So why did I "have" to buy this can?  First, I don't often see a wine can (in fact, this may be my first).  And second, where else can you get a dry hiney for $1.50?