Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Yesterday my daughter went to her friend's birthday party in the park.  When her friend's mom brought my daughter home, I noticed a can in their truck's cup holder that didn't look familiar.  When I asked about it, she said it's Vernors, a favorite from when she lived in Michigan.

I mentioned my can collection and that I didn't have that can.  She reached in the truck and gave me a new one so I could try it.  She said it's the best ginger ale out there.  And the can says Vernors has been around since 1866!

I'm not much of a ginger ale drinker but I tried it and it was pretty good.  I have other Vernors cans in my collection but this is the first one I got to drink.

Sometimes it's embarrassing asking for cans, but when you're passionate about your hobby you shouldn't let anything get in the way.

By the way, this is the 300th post on this blog.  Cheers!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

2014 Mtn Dew Game Fuel

I ran down to the local Dollar General early this morning for a birthday card and on my way out I saw two flavors of Mtn Dew I didn't have yet.  And I didn't buy them!

But after running a few more errands, I went back and grabbed a 12-pack of each.  I had the original flavor version of the can from work, so why wouldn't I buy the two flavored versions?

The cans look great and have bright colors.  The two flavors are lemonade and citrus cherry.  On the right is the original flavor can.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tomb Raider Can #2

I was surprised to see a Tomb Raider edition of Kick energy drink at Walmart.

This Tomb Raider can was to promote the Tomb Raider video game reboot in 2013.  I have the game but haven't played it yet.  I've been too busy organizing cans.

My only other Tomb Raider can is this Korean can from 2001.  It promoted the first Tomb Raider movie starring Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft (the tomb raider). 

You know, maybe I'll slam that Kick energy drink and go fire up my PS3 and play some Tomb Raider this afternoon...  after a nap.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


I like when American football season rolls around, not because of the sport but because there are new cans waiting to be collected.  These are the 2014 designs I've acquired so far from other people saving cans for me.

Dr Pepper Ten - 7 UP


Dr Pepper - Diet Dr Pepper
I know there are more out there.  Maybe a trip to the store later...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Another Birthday

The kids did good again this year.  They saved a few cans and gave them to me today for my birthday.

I might already have the friend Coca-Cola cans, but the rest are new cans for me.

Also featured in the pic is the smoking dragon incense burner they got for me.  It was another good birthday :)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Halloween at Walmart

While grocery shopping yesterday at Walmart, I noticed these six packs of 8oz Halloween cans from Cott.  And I bought them.

Orange flavored "Bubbling Cauldron"
Grape flavored "Grapenstein"

As far as Halloween-themed cans go, now I need to find the rest of the Dr Pepper/Snapple cans, Jones soda cans, Fanta cans and who-knows-what others...