Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Can Hunt

Trash by the parking lot
I was meeting some people yesterday in an old gravel parking lot.  As I backed my car into position to wait for them I noticed the edge of the lot was lined with trash.  And what do most people consider trash?  Aluminum cans.

So I got out of my car and started poking around among the old bags and bottles and cans.  It was as I figured, mostly beer cans.  And a lot of the cans had been there a while and their colors were faded.  Many of them had been crushed.

But I did manage to find two cans I didn't have!  One is a newer style Great Value (Walmart's house brand) Root Beer.  I had to check when I got home if I had it but I didn't yet.  The other was a can I'd never seen before... Mt Vess, obviously a Mt Dew clone.  Vess is one of my favorite brands to collect and out of the 77 Vess cans I had, none of them were a Mt Vess.  So this was a great find for me.

Who knew the Easter bunny would hide a couple cans I didn't have yet?  My first East can hunt had a hoppy ending.  I mean, happy ending.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Decent Week

It was a decent week as far as cans finding their way to me.  Here are some of my finds.

The monthly beverage order at work came in and I found these two cans.  One is a Coca-Cola Final Four can.  That's basketball, right?  The other is another design from Diet Coke's "It's Mine" campaign.  You can read about that here.

I had heard about Mello Yello's redesign but a co-worker found one out in the wild before I did.  He brought this yellow and black can to me.  Overall, I really like the new can; simple yet gets the job done.  The other can is #2 of 5 in Dr Pepper's "Batman V Superman" collection.  This is the third can from the movie collection I have (if you count my un-numbered 16 oz Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman can.)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mtn Dew Black Label

I was at work last week and got a text from someone I know.  It had this pictures and said, "Got a new can for ya."

Awesome.  I hadn't seen the Mtn Dew Black Label yet.  The label says it's with "crafted dark berry."  A glance at the ingredients shows it has grape juice and orange juice in it.  That sounds really good.

I just may have to pick up one of these to try the drink.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Batman v Superman

This landed in my office at work last week.  It's can #1 of 5 of the new series from Dr Pepper for the Batman v Superman movie.

Here's the other side of the can.

Now we'll see how many of the others find their way to me...

Monday, March 7, 2016

A New Howdy!

Wandering around an antique mall yesterday I found a cool old Vess soda can.  Vess is one of the brands I really like to collect, but at the $8.95 price tag I had to pass on it.

 A little while later I found a can more in my price range.  It was a Howdy! Cola can for $1.10.  I knew I already had a Howdy! can but could this be a variation I didn't have?

Variations in my collection
One of the benefits of having my can collection as a website is when I'm can hunting out in the field I can pull up my whole collection on my phone to see if I have a can or not.  When I checked my phone, I saw I had three Howdy! cans already, but none of them had the blue stripe this one did.

So I bought the can and brought it home to be with a few of its relatives.  The can was in pretty rough shape.  It had some rust spots (which I can't do anything about) but I knew some warm water and a soft toothbrush could get rid of most of the dirt and grime.

A few minutes later I had a can clean enough to be added to my collection.


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Are Those Cans Legal?

How's that for a click-bait title?

A coworker brought two cans to me one day last week that he found in a local store.  I was hesitant to take them at first, I wasn't exactly sure what he was handing me...

It was two cans of a Cannabis drink.  Did these come from Colorado?  I quickly read the label to look for hints on the legality of the beverage and found it's an energy drink from Austria.

With 80mg of caffeine per can and only 10 calories, it sounds like it might be just what the doctor ordered.  The big question now is how does it taste?  I'll try it out some day when I'm feeling a little run down or if my glaucoma acts up.