Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Building the Second Set of Shelves

Back in June, I built some shelves to display my can collection.  But over the last few months, the collection has outgrown the shelves.  So in August I began surveying the basement for a good place to build a second set of shelves. 
Framing the second shelves
I decided to keep the cans in just one corner of the basement which led to the "can room" design. 

If needed, future shelves will be built along the side of the stairs and underneath the stairs.  And finally, a third "wall" can be built from the end of the new shelf to the steps to create the Can Room.

Stay tuned to see the finished product...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Arabic Cans

Last month I reported I was in contact with someone in the Middle East about sending some Arabic cans to me.  Well, the cans have been delivered.  One side of the cans is in English and the other in Arabic.  These are the 54 cans that now comprise the Middle East wing of my collection.

A big THANKS goes out to BeerCanRich99!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Can Watch: This Fall's New Diet Coke Can

Picture from the internet
This fall, Diet Coke's "Stay Extraordinary" campaign takes on a different look.  The new limited-time-only design keeps the silver background and blows up the font so big that the words "Diet Coke" don't even fit on the can!

The new design shipped to markets on September 1.  That will give the can a couple of months to get comfortable on the shelves before holiday themed cans start shipping in November.

Picture from my collection
September 6 update - Who says there isn't a soda can fairy?  That was my first thought when I got home from work today and found a can with this new design lying in my sink!  Or maybe my wife picked it up on her walk to the store.  It looks like it was in a soda machine or rack of some sort because there are rub marks around the top and bottom, but this will keep a spot warm on the shelf until I can get a can in better condition.  Viva la Diet Coke.

October 29 update -  Everyone can rest easier now because I found a can in much better condition this morning.  A big thanks goes out to the litter bug on Main Street.