Saturday, October 21, 2017

A&W Halloween

The sun was setting and I could hear the vampires preparing to come out for breakfast.

Tattered strips of cloth from careless mummies littered the dead branches and thorny bushes.

I stepped in a pile of green goo, only to realize it was the ectoplasmic remains of some ghostly party in the woods the previous night.

The old witch's hut was just beyond the hill dotted with grave markers of the sickly frontiersmen that passed through these parts 150 years ago.

And then I found the perfect spot to take pictures of this year's A&W Halloween can... deep in the Haunted Woods.

It may not have happened exactly like that, but it's what I imagined as I trekked through the nature preserve outside of town to take these pictures.  Besides, who could be scared with a can showing such a cute little wolf man and his jack-o-lantern?  BOO!  Less than two weeks away...

Saturday, October 14, 2017

7Up Halloween

The leaves are changing color and falling.  The mornings and evenings are cool enough for a jacket.  The sun comes up later and later each morning, while setting earlier and earlier each evening.

And I got my first Dr Pepper Snapple Group holiday can yesterday.  Each fall their 7Up, A&W, Sunkist, Canada Dry, Welch's, and Sun Drop cans receive the Halloween treatment with designs featuring iconic monsters or other scary themes.

I've never completed a set, but it's still fun getting just a few.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

October Loco

A co-worker gave this can of Monster energy drink to me last week.  It's one of the coolest cans I have now.  And in the spirit of taking pictures of spooky cans in autumnal backgrounds, I carried it with me today in search of the perfect background.  And I finally found it... a farmers market.

This Monster Juice is "mango loco" flavor.  I didn't get to try it, the can was empty when it was given to me.  But I was told it was very good!

On the back of the can is a short story about Halloween.  By the way, Halloween is only three and a half weeks away.  It'll be here soon...

Sunday, October 1, 2017

October Is Here

Fall is here.  October is here.  My favorite time of year is here.  

This month I will be featuring some of my favorite Spooky/Halloween cans.  

The first can is Refresco de Los Muertos energy drink.  It means "Refreshment of the Dead" in Spanish.  Nice.  A friend gave this to me after he returned from a vacation in Dallas, Texas, this summer.

What better place to take a picture of the Refreshment of the Dead than a cemetery?  This is the cemetery where my grandparents, aunt, and uncle are buried.  This is not one of their tombstones, it was just an interesting one near the cornfield ready for harvest.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

I read about this several weeks ago, but it wasn't until last week that I saw the can.  The can came in a trash bag full of cans someone gave me to be recycled.

If you were a fan of Coke Zero, get  ready for change.  Coca-Cola Zero Sugar has replaced original Coke Zero.  What's the difference?  Coca-Cola claims the new version tastes more like regular Coca-Cola but still has no sugar and no calories.  Why the name change?  People knew Coke Zero had no calories, but many didn't realize it contained no sugar, so the new name makes it clear the drink has neither.  

Back to the can... the front is iconic Coca-Cola red with white lettering, yet behind the red is black from the Coke Zero design.  I think it's an awesome combination of the two brand designs.  It should really stand out on store shelves.  

Will this be a success?  It can't be worse than the public outcry over New Coke back in 1985 when they fiddled with their flagship drink's formula.  Time will tell.  I haven't tasted it yet, but I don't consider myself a "soda connoisseur" so generally if it whets my whistle it's fine for me.  But there are exceptions.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cucumber and Seaweed

What a strange post title, but it'll make an even stranger snack some day...

Last weekend I was driving around the area and found a different Big Lots to check out.  I've mentioned Big Lots before as a good source of new cans for my collection.  And this time I found a can I certainly didn't have, a Cucumber Lime Rockstar energy drink.  It sounded so strange that I had to get it.  And I'm curious to see what it tastes like.

And then we saw something that sounded more foul than a cucumber/lime drink... roasted seaweed.  So I picked up a package of that too.  I know it's going to be one crazy snack when I get around to having it.  

Later we went into an ALDI grocery store and I saw a new Gridlock energy drink can I didn't have yet.  This was in a cool chrome can with light blue frosted/textured printing.  And it was a flavor I didn't have yet, Ultra White.

So it ended up being a pretty good outing.  Two new cans, one new snack, and a date with a bottle of mouthwash when I get around to trying this cucumber/seaweed combo.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Assassin's Creed Destiny

Do you play video games?  I do.

Have you played any Assassin's Creed games?  I have.

Are you excited about the upcoming Assassin's Creed Origins set in ancient Egypt?  I am!

So I was filled with joy when a coworker brought this Monster can to my office and asked if I had one like it yet.

Usually a can like this promoting a video game will have a code you can redeem which gives you some kind of experience boost or cosmetic item within the game, but this is just an advertisement.  A very cool-looking advertisement.

The game launches on October 27, so seven weeks from now I'll be playing it on my PS4.

But until then, I'll be in Destiny 2 traveling throughout our solar system defeating the evilness of Dominus Ghaul.

By the way, there is a 3-can set from Rockstar energy drink for Destiny 2, so I'll be watching for those.  But that'll be another post...