Monday, November 23, 2015

It's a Small World

My can collection is not a secret at work.  Co-workers often bring cans to see if I have them or not.  Last week a co-worker sent an email to me with a link to Google Maps showing the immediate area surrounding our place of work.  And within a 12-minute walk (according to Google) is the Brewery Collectibles Club of America (BCCA) office.

I've been familiar with the BCCA for a few years now.  I've visited their website many times just looking around.  There's a lot of interesting info there.  Although I don't collect beer cans, I do have many of them that were included in some of the lots of soda cans I've bought.  I was so surprised to find out they are essentially "down the street" from where I work.

At the risk of looking like some weird kind of stalker, I drove past there this morning and snapped these pics just to verify that Google was correct.  And it is.  Now, is there an NPCC office in the neighborhood that I don't know about?

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dry Hiney

Today was a nice fall day in the Midwest and I spent it on the road visiting various shops and markets.  I saw a lot of beer cans as usual and not many soda cans.  But one can caught my eye and although it's not a soda can, I had to buy it.  

The can is from 1983 and celebrates the 175th anniversary of a local winery.  It's an aluminum can with a ring pull tab.  And it gives a short history of the Hiney Winery on the back of the can.  

So why did I "have" to buy this can?  First, I don't often see a wine can (in fact, this may be my first).  And second, where else can you get a dry hiney for $1.50?

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Black Ops III

Yesterday we got our monthly beverage delivery at work.  I'm usually the first to check out the pallet of goodies looking for new cans.  This month I got the new Call of Duty Black Ops III Mtn Dew cans.

I was hoping for a spookier post for Halloween, but this will have to do.  I haven't got any Halloween cans yet.  I'll have to keep looking...

Friday, October 23, 2015

Always on the Lookout

The company I work for received a pallet of fifteen new laptops earlier this week.  Of course we're all excited about the new hardware, but my mind instantly went somewhere else.

After the boxes were emptied, I used a razor blade to cut off the top of each box, in essence creating fifteen "trays."

When I got home, I was able to get 24 cans in one of the trays.  Perfect!  Just what my mind's eye had seen.  I now have an organized way to store 360 more cans.  And since the shelves I built in the basement earlier this year still have some empty spaces, these will fit nicely.

As a collector, you're obviously always on the lookout for the thing you collect.  But when storage options and space become concerns, you also watch for other things that can benefit the collection.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Dr Pepper + Football = Star Wars?

When it comes to American football, I'd rather be collecting cans.  I've never been into sports.  But recently Dr Pepper has had a series of cans showing different aspects of football.  There are also Diet Dr Pepper versions of the cans.

But tonight I'll be tuning into Monday Night Football.  Not for the excitement of the sport.  Not for the great half-time show (which I've been informed not every half-time includes a show).  But it's for the new Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer.

And to commemorate tonight's big event, here's one of my favorite Star Wars cans from my collection.

By the time you read this, the trailer will be watchable all over the world.  So sit back, have a Pepsi, and enjoy.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Last Weekend

Last weekend while running around with my sister, we were leaving the parking lot of a strip mall, trying to get back on a busy road.  While waiting for a break in traffic, I noticed a bright orange can lying in the grass close to a nearby sidewalk.  I may have said something like, "I sure wish I had that can."  So she jumped out of the car, ran over to the sidewalk and brought the can back to the car.  I was right, it was a new can for me.  It was a Monster Ultra Sunrise can.  It seems there are new Monster cans every week.  When I got home I cleaned the can real good and now it sits with almost a hundred other Monster cans in my collection.

And there was a Big Lots nearby so I had to go in there to check out their can selection.  I found a Starbucks Refresher with the new design, two different UP Time energy drink cans, and a small 5.5 oz can of Campbell's tomato juice.

Not bad for just running around town.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lionel Richie at Church

Last Sunday when I walked into church, a gentleman came over to talk to me.  He said one of his co-workers had a few old Pepsi cans he wanted to get rid of, so this man from church thought of my collection and took the cans.

After church we met in the parking lot and he gave me the bag of cans.  A couple of them were beer cans that I gave back.  Another one was a can I already had.  But one was a cool can from 1985 celebrating the 50th anniversary of a Pepsi bottling company in Columbia, Missouri.

And the cans that surprised me the most were three Lionel Richie Pepsi cans from the mid 1980's, each featuring one of his hit songs.  I had no idea there was a collectible series featuring him.  Upon closer look at the cans, I saw it was a series of 6 cans.  These are numbers 1, 4, and 6.  So I guess someday I will need to find the other three to complete the collection.

3 of the 6 Lionel Richie Pepsi cans
But my question this week is, does anyone else have a good Lionel Richie at church story to share?  haha