Saturday, October 3, 2015

Last Weekend

Last weekend while running around with my sister, we were leaving the parking lot of a strip mall, trying to get back on a busy road.  While waiting for a break in traffic, I noticed a bright orange can lying in the grass close to a nearby sidewalk.  I may have said something like, "I sure wish I had that can."  So she jumped out of the car, ran over to the sidewalk and brought the can back to the car.  I was right, it was a new can for me.  It was a Monster Ultra Sunrise can.  It seems there are new Monster cans every week.  When I got home I cleaned the can real good and now it sits with almost a hundred other Monster cans in my collection.

And there was a Big Lots nearby so I had to go in there to check out their can selection.  I found a Starbucks Refresher with the new design, two different UP Time energy drink cans, and a small 5.5 oz can of Campbell's tomato juice.

Not bad for just running around town.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lionel Richie at Church

Last Sunday when I walked into church, a gentleman came over to talk to me.  He said one of his co-workers had a few old Pepsi cans he wanted to get rid of, so this man from church thought of my collection and took the cans.

After church we met in the parking lot and he gave me the bag of cans.  A couple of them were beer cans that I gave back.  Another one was a can I already had.  But one was a cool can from 1985 celebrating the 50th anniversary of a Pepsi bottling company in Columbia, Missouri.

And the cans that surprised me the most were three Lionel Richie Pepsi cans from the mid 1980's, each featuring one of his hit songs.  I had no idea there was a collectible series featuring him.  Upon closer look at the cans, I saw it was a series of 6 cans.  These are numbers 1, 4, and 6.  So I guess someday I will need to find the other three to complete the collection.

3 of the 6 Lionel Richie Pepsi cans
But my question this week is, does anyone else have a good Lionel Richie at church story to share?  haha

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Summer Ski

There's a bottling facility for Ski in my area, so I've always been aware of the soda even though I'm not sure I've ever drank it.  Ski is a brand of the Double Cola company and was introduced in 1956.  It's a citrus soda made with lemon and orange juices and has been compared to Mountain Dew, Squirt, Mello Yello, etc.  
It's a can with a design that doesn't change very often.  Since the 1980's, there have only been two major designs (with possible slight variations) that I'm aware of.  The earlier cans were white with one green and one blue stripe (see picture below).  Then in 2009 the cans went to a solid color scheme (see picture above).  I have a few cans with the solid color scheme, but only one with the earlier design (circa 1980's). 
Extended steel can

And for the summer of 2015 only, a limited edition can has been released to celebrate Ski's 60th anniversary.  Someone found this can on the side of the road and gave it to me, which is what inspired me to do a little research on Ski.

2015 Limited Edition

So where did the name Ski come from?  When it was created in 1956, employees were asked to come up with a name for it.  After a ski weekend trip, one of the employees suggested "Ski" and the name stuck.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


I keep seeing Mtn Dew Dewshine at the store.  It's been out for quite a while.  So I finally decided to give it a try a few weeks ago.  And these are my thoughts on it.

To me, it tasted really sweet.  Almost too sweet.  Could it be the real sugar?  Maybe.  It also left a light but strange aftertaste in my mouth.  After I drank the first bottle, it was about a week before I tried it again with the second bottle.  At that point I decided to give the other two bottles away.  But a couple more weeks went by and I got thirsty so I tried the third bottle.  It's a taste I'm just not acquiring.  I have one bottle left and I still might give that one away.

But as far as its clear look and the old-time packaging, it gets two thumbs up for me.  I even kept one of the bottles for my very small bottle collection.  I just wish they would do a limited edition in cans.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Abraham Lincoln's Big Lots

I was in Springfield, Illinois, a few weeks ago.  Everything in Springfield is about Abraham Lincoln.  The Big Lots I visited there didn't reference Lincoln, but I have dubbed it "Lincoln's Big Lots."

And what a great find.  I left with sixteen new cans for my collection.  The cashiers must really think I'm a thirsty person.  I found some Big Hero 6 cans, which my son loves.  And this pile is full of energy.

My general rule of thumb when visiting different cities: Always check Big Lots.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

HoJo Can #1

While out and about on a short roadtrip today, I visited a few antique stores and flea markets (as usual).  I saw a lot of soda bottles and beer cans (as usual), but only one soda can.  Can you find it in the picture on the right?

A Howard Johnson's restaurant

When I was real young, there was a Howard Johnson's restaurant near where we lived.  The building looked so different and the orange/blue motif caught my eye every time we drove past it.  A few years ago I learned that Howard Johnson's had their own line of soda back in the 1970's.  I instantly fell in love with the orange/blue retro design of the logo on the cans.  

A Howard Johnson's can
And then a couple of years ago I entered a bidding war on eBay for a set of Howard Johnson's cans.  After some intense key pressing, I was unfortunately outbid.  

But today I finally found a HoJo can out in the wild.  I hesitated to buy it because what if I find another set for sale and end up with two ginger ale cans?  But then I realized I wouldn't have a collection if I based my collecting on "what if," so I bought the can and now I can finally say I have a Howard Johnson's can in my collection.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

My Destiny

In September 2014, a video game company called Bungie (makers of the Halo game series) released a little game called Destiny on the Playstation and Xbox.  I was in a couple of the betas earlier in 2014 and I was there for Destiny's launch.  Next month, a new expansion is being released.  Bungie and Red Bull got together to promote the release by selling special "Destiny" cans that contain codes under the tabs.  You enter the code on Bungie's website and it gives you an in-game consumable that awards extra XP and it unlocks a special quest in the game that won't be available for everyone else until January 2016.  I love this game.

Blah-blah, right?  So I've been waiting to find a Destiny can to call my own.  They were exclusive to 7-Eleven stores in July, but the ones in my area aren't very convenient for me to get to.  I heard Walmart was getting them in August.  While at Walmart this morning, I found them!  They only had about 6-7 of the cans mixed in with the regular ones, but that was enough.  I grabbed one and now it sits in my collection.

So if you're on the PS4, look up the gamertag MuneMud and we can run a strike or do some patrols.  Or talk cans.