Friday, February 24, 2012

My Oldest Can So Far

1965 Nehi Orange
In my last post, I told how I bought a bunch of cans locally from a Craigslist ad earlier this week.  After researching the cans in that batch, I realized it contained the oldest can I have now.

This is a 1965 straight steel pull top Nehi orange soda.  When I bought the cans, the old man pointed this one out and said when he hears the name "Nehi" he thinks of orange soda because this is what he drank when he was younger.

In just a few years this can will be 50 years old!  It's hard to believe it's still in such good condition. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's on Craigslist?

I've made several can purchases through eBay and have traded inside and outside the USA, but I'm getting tired of paying shipping.  There are many great deals on eBay, but by the time you add shipping the deal isn't so great.  So now I'd like to find some local collectors to trade with or just to see someone else's collection. 

I woke up this morning and thought of Craigslist.  After doing a search locally for "soda cans" only one ad came up.  It had been posted on Feb 14... "19 soda cans from the 1970's for $10."  Had someone bought them yet?  I decided 5:30am was too early to call.

I called a few hours later and he still had them, so I stopped by after work and bought them.  But when I got there he didn't have just 19, there were 32! They need some cleaning but that's no problem.  And now I have some doubles I can use for trade.  So this turned out to be a good find!

Anyone need a Coke?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Organizing My Foreign Cans

Stack of trays
My foreign can collection is slowly growing.  So I have to keep changing how I display/store them.  Here is my current solution.

The dividers
Each tray is for a different region/continent.  Within each tray I have dividers separating the cans by country.  As my collection grows I can add more dividers and more trays.  And if the trays with dividers start to get too crowded, I can starting using one tray for each country.  But I think it will be a long time before I have to do that.

So for now, my foreign cans are organized and I can easily find any can I may be looking for.

Divided by country

Monday, February 13, 2012

$$ Hansen's on eBay $$

I was checking out soda can auctions on eBay today when I came across this listing for a 1984 Hansen's can...

I'm going to watch this one.  If it sells, I may be willing to part with my own "unique and rare" can for that price!

Happy Valentine's Day

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Can from Down Under

Back in November I posted that my daughter's piano teacher was headed to Australia to visit family for a while.  Before she left I asked her to bring me a can from there since my collection lacked any Australian cans.  She recently returned and with her was this Coca-Cola Zero black beauty...

A quick glance at this can reveals it has seen better days, but it was a long trip to get here and it now suffers from permanent jet lag.

But beyond that, I first noticed the can is a little taller than the cans here in the States.  This can is 375ml which is about 12.7 oz.  Instead of calories, they list  it as "energy" coming in at 5.3kJ.  And there's a sweet little message which says, "Listen closely & hear the happiness being unleashed when you open this can."  Our cans don't have such pleasant instructions here in the States.

That's one more continent I've collected from.  So, is anyone going to Antarctica soon?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

After the Crash

A pretty can
The reason I haven't posted lately is because I recently experienced my first hard drive crash in over 18 years of PC computing!  Initially I thought I lost everything, including over 1700 pictures I've taken of my cans.  But after days of work we were able to save the data.  This week has been spent reinstalling/updating Windows, reinstalling all of my programs, moving the data back to the new drive, etc.  So tonight, I'm almost finished!  In a few more days things will be as they were two weeks ago before this nightmare happened.

And for you, here is a picture of a pretty can...