Saturday, April 30, 2016

Yard Sale

While at my son's baseball practice this morning, I received a text with the following pics from a yard sale:


My eyes went straight to the Howard Johnson can in the first pic.  I'm a sucker for Howard Johnson cans and there's only one in my collection so far.  I also noticed several others I didn't have.  I immediately started counting the cans to estimate how many there might be.  An offer for all of them had to be made.  $15-$20 was coming to mind when I got another text that said they had just bought them all for me, two large trash bags worth.  The seller took $10!  Wow!  How did I get such a great deal while sitting in the middle of a field not doing a thing?

They dropped the cans off later this afternoon where we took them all out to see what "treasures" I got.  There were about a dozen beer cans in the lot which I let them take to try to sell.  That left me with 195 steel soda cans to clean up and sort out.

front of the pile
There are quite a few of them already in my collection, but there are a lot that I know I don't have.  So I can't wait to dig in to see exactly what's there.  And I'm sure there will be a few upcoming posts about some of these cans.

back of the pile
So why was the seller so eager to get rid of them?  He said he's been selling them on eBay for $10+ each but he's headed on a mission trip soon and needs to quickly get rid of some of his belongings.  The right place at the right time...

Saturday, April 23, 2016


I was recently given the above collection of Zevia cans with the promise of the Cola can coming soon.  This is the current can design featuring a banner around the top of each can saying each is "Clear in Color."  Imagine drinking a clear black cherry or Dr Pepper clone soda.

4/29/16 Update
As I pulled into the driveway this evening another car pulled in behind me.  It was the delivery of the aforementioned Zevia Cola can, along with three others I didn't have.  Wow, this keeps getting better all the time.  The newest cans:

Older Zevia cans already in my collection:


Saturday, April 16, 2016


I got a text a few days ago from someone showing me the can of 1893 they just bought.  At a quick glance, it almost looked like a drink with alcohol.  Then I noticed the Pepsi logo and replied, "I'll take it."

So I got the empty can from them yesterday.  I wasn't able to try it but I am curious as to what it tastes like.  Apparently this was some big mystery drink Pepsi's been eluding to for a while that would change the taste of soda forever.  

I don't think the taste is quite that powerful, but from what I've read online it does have a slightly different taste.  The color and smell are like regular Pepsi, but it doesn't have as much carbonation.  The two main flavor points are it's made with kola nut extract and real sugar.  

But I'm still not sure why it's called 1893.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Cool Coca-Cola Zero Can

Room temperature
Cold can
I have a few regular Coca-Cola cans that have printing that changes color in different temperatures, but this is my first Coca-Cola Zero can with that printing.  The label says when the white turns blue it's ready to enjoy.

The other cans I have just have the image of a soda bottle that changes color (which this one also has), but what's neat about this one is the letters C-O and O-L also turn blue, spelling out the word "cool."  

Cold can

Now that is cool!

Room temperature