Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Cache of Cans (part 2)

As if today's can expedition to the flea market wasn't enough (see the post below this one), I decided this was a good evening to return to the can cache I found earlier this week in an alley.  But this time I would go alone.  And I had collected a bag of cans (doubles, dented, etc) that I didn't need, so this time I would replace any cans that I took.

Again, I knocked on his door to let him know I was there, and again he wasn't there.  So I had to talk to his wife again.  I can only imagine what she was thinking, especially when I told her I brought cans to replace any that I took.  "Whatever."

When I got back to his garage, that's when I saw that he doesn't have a few trash cans but about a dozen full of cans!  How long has he been collecting cans?  And how long was this going to take me?  I was able to get through every tub and trash can in about an hour.  And tonight's take was a whopping sixty-one cans that I didn't have!!!  Maybe some day I'll actually get to talk to him and thank him for his contributions to my collection.

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