Thursday, May 24, 2012

Current Excitement: West Virginia Cans (year 2)

We leave tomorrow for West Virginia to visit some of my wife's family.  We'll be there almost a week.  In case you weren't reading this blog last July, here's the post from last year's trip.

The difference this year is we are going to a wedding on Saturday, which also comes with a lot of visiting family throughout the weekend (especially with this being Memorial Day Weekend).  I won't have quite as much free time as I did last year, but I still hope to go on another dump dive, visit the Coca-Cola Mecca and just make another haul of new cans.

This site will be quiet for the next week or so, but hopefully I'll have plenty to post when I return.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My 2000th Can!!!

It finally happened.  One year and one month after I began collecting soda cans, I obtained my 2000th can.

2000 cans
What was my 2000th can?  A Big K red cream soda.  Big K is the Kroger brand of soda.  Personally, I don't care for the color scheme of this flavor.  Gold, red and brown aren't a good mix on my palette. 

Where did I get it?  This is the ironic thing.  Let's just say my wife hasn't been as enthusiastic about my collection as I have, but she'll still bring a can to me now and then.  And this is a can she brought home from work today.  I was excited to have found my 1999th can on the way to work this morning, so I wondered all day what the 2000th can would be.  When I called her on my way home from work she said, "Guess what.  I got you another can today."  And I replied, "Guess what.  That's number two thousand!!!"  She was actually a bit excited too.
#2000 - Big K red cream soda
Far from being the prettiest or rarest for my 2000th can, it is nonetheless the can to hold the "2000" title.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Root Beer Time

Last December I posted about a trade I made where I received quite a few Dr Pepper clones and Mountain Dew clones.  Clones are a "genre" of soda cans popular with collectors.  Another one is root beer.

I received this lot of root beer cans yesterday.  I've been looking for a brand or genre of soda can to focus on.  Should it be root beer?  Or Dr Pepper clones?  Or Mountain Dew clones? 

I can't decide.  So for now, I'll keep collecting them all!