Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Tale of Ales

Ale 8 and Diet Ale 8
We made the trek from southern IL to western West Virginia today.  It's not a long drive, about 9 hours.  We stopped at a Marathon gas station in Mount Sterling, KY, for gas and bathrooms.  After filling up the van, I strolled inside to see what sodas they offered.  And that's when I saw Ale-8-One, the first brand I had seen on the trip not available in my area.  And next to it was Diet Ale 8.  I checked the single cans but they didn't have any Ale-8-One.  It was only available in 12-packs.  And I was not going to buy a 12-pack just to get a single can for my collection, so we finished our business and left.

 When we arrived in West Virginia, my brother-in-law said he had a present for me.  We walked to their car and from the back seat he pulled out a single can of Ale-8-One and Diet Ale 8.  They had also stopped in Kentucky for gas (the previous night) and their station sold the cans singly, so he bought one of each for me.  My father-in-law said that brand is only sold in areas around Kentucky.  So I had got my cans of Ale-8-One after all.  By the way, the name of the drink is a play on words of "A Late One."  Clever.

And how did I repay my brother-in-law for the cans?  I bought a can of Rockstar Cola energy drink (which he had mentioned he likes) and after he drank it, I kept that can too for my collection.  We all came out ahead in the deal.

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