Saturday, May 31, 2014

Holy Cow!

I was perusing the multitudes of beer cans at an antique store today, wishing all those people had chosen soda instead of beer to drink/collect when I stumbled upon an orange can locked inside a glass display case.  The price tag was turned around so I couldn't see how much it was.  Usually items in a locked cabinet with their price tags backwards means a lot of $$$.  So I asked a worker to check on it for me.  She pulled it out and I was waiting for the $15 or more price when she said $2.  I said, "Holy cow!" haha, but she didn't laugh.  I said I'd take it.

When a different lady checked it out at the register, she mentioned that cabinet had 30% off, to which I said, "Holy cow!"  She didn't laugh either.  $1.52 with tax.  Not bad. 

At the store, I just wanted the can.  I figured I could explore its details later.  So after I got home and took a couple pics, I realized it was Harry Caray's picture and autograph on the can and looked it up on the internet.  Back in 1988, Vess (a St Louis-based soda) signed Harry Caray to this soda deal.  The Harry Caray line consisted of cola, orange, lemon-lime, root beer, creme and a diet cola. 

This is a nice local treasure I stumbled upon today.  The can is far from mint condition, but at least Harry Caray now has a presence in my collection.  And that's what matters most. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cool Can Brewsday (2 of 10)

There were some beer cans in a large lot of soda cans I once bought.  Even though I don't collect beer cans, I admit some of them do have great designs.  For ten Tuesdays in a row I will feature different beer can designs that I find worthy of sharing.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Jackpot at Big Lots

I've mentioned Big Lots a few times on this blog.  Generally I don't like going to those stores but I learned that sometimes they have hard-to-find discontinued beverages... aka hard-to-find discontinued cans.

A last-minute decision to stop into a Big Lots today while running errands led to quite a can jackpot.

I also see a lot of taste tests with my kids in the future.  All this fun and excitement for only $10.40.   Take that, eBay!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cool Can Brewsday (1 of 10)

There were some beer cans in a large lot of soda cans I once bought.  Even though I don't collect beer cans, I admit some of them do have great designs.  For ten Tuesdays in a row I will feature different beer can designs that I find worthy of sharing.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Beer Cans

In April of 2013, I bought a collection of soda cans off Craigslist.  Also in the collection were some beer cans.  I eventually added all 700+ soda cans to my collection site, but the beer cans were still in a box in my garage.  I got them out this morning and took their picture.

These cans are not included in my collection count, they're just "extra."   But there are some cool can designs.  I've pulled a few dozen of the cooler ones out and I'm going to occasionally show them on this site.

Stay tuned.  And cheers.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tea Time

Last weekend I ran into the local Dollar General for something.  While there, I happened to walk through the beverage section.  I was in search of the 24oz Baja Blast Mtn Dew, which they didn't have.  Instead, I saw some 24oz Brisk iced tea cans I didn't have yet.

I'm a sucker for Asian art.  So when I saw this Honey Ginseng can for $1, I couldn't pass it up.  And then I splurged and also got the can of Raspberry tea because its red and pink explosions of chaos was such a contrast to the serenity of the bird and tree on the teal can.

Later that evening at my parents' house, I raided their fridge for a drink and saw a lemon flavored Brisk tea, a can design of which I didn't have yet.  So that's what I chose to quench my thirst.

It isn't often I drink iced tea.  And after last Saturday it'll be a while before I have tea again.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The New Dew

Earlier this week I was asked if I buy 12-packs often to get a can I need (since I don't drink much soda).  I replied that I used to but the 12-packs were starting to build up and take up too much room.  So I rarely do any more.  But then I went to Walmart this evening...

As I walked in the door my eye was drawn to a teal-colored box.  A new box design must mean a new can design!  Sure enough, Mtn Dew Baja Blast is here for a limited time only.  How could I NOT buy this 12-pack?

Baja Blast was a flavor introduced in 2004 exclusive to Taco Bell, specifically formulated to taste best with their food.  In August 2012, Taco Bell began to sell Baja Blast Freeze, an icy variant of the soda.  In January 2014, Taco Bell introduced Diet Baja Blast.  And on May 5, to the surprise of the world, cans appeared on shelves!

Baja Blast is a tropical lime flavored soda that I can't wait to try.  I figure a Mtn Dew at bedtime wouldn't be the best thing for a non-soda drinker to do, so I'll wait till the weekend and chug one of these babies.  We'll see how long this 12-pack lasts me...

05/08/14 Update:  I took one of these cans to work with me today and I drank it at lunch.  The flavor was
ok.  It was a little better than average but not super-great.  I give it a 6 out of 10.  I think the problem had to do with its formulation to go with Taco Bell food.  I was eating French bread pizza, silly me.  Notice my Can Bottom-Opening Kit (hammer and nail).  Co-workers have learned to not ask questions.

05/11/14 Update:  And the final update.  I found
the 24 oz. can at a local convenient store yesterday.  Now I can sit back and wait for the next flavor to release...

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Road Trip to Arkansas (part 2 of 2)

Last weekend I took a road trip to Fort Smith, Arkansas.  A few days ago I mentioned the cans I found on the way there.  I also found some cans in Springfield, Missouri, when we stopped for gas on the way home.

That 16 oz Coca-Cola can came out last year, but I haven't seen it in my area.  It's called the Chill Activated can.  The old-fashioned bottle is plain white when the can is at room temperature.  But when it's cold, the blue ice cubes appear to let you know it's ready to drink!

The other two cans are new versions of Kickapoo Joy Juice, a brand I wrote about a few years ago.  In addition to the Joy Juice, they also had Fruit Shine.  I can't wait to try these and finally see what Kickapoo Joy Juice tastes like. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Website Pick #4: Soda Spectrum Magazine

On the first of every month I will feature one of my favorite can websites.  
Please send an email if you have a website for consideration.

When I began collecting cans a few years ago, I was on fire.  I wanted to go buy every can in the store.  I wanted to pick up every can in the gutter.  I wanted to get on every forum and start learning about cans.  And then I found Soda Spectrum, a magazine 100% dedicated to the history and collecting of soda-related items.
Four issues are released each year.  You can subscribe to have a print copy mailed to your home or you can purchase a digital .PDF copy and download it right from the website.  They also have back issues (in print or digital) you can purchase.
When I found the site a few years ago, they had a special offer where you could get all the back issues up to that point on a CD, so that's what I did.  I've read through many of those issues and each one is chock full o' good information!!
If you are an enthusiast about any aspect of the soda industry, definitely check out an issue of Soda Spectrum.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

* This may look like a commercial for Soda Spectrum but I have no affiliation with the magazine or its website.  I'm a collector who found the magazine's website and wants to share it with others in the community.