Monday, July 11, 2011

Energy Drinks, Coffees and Teas, Oh My!

As stated in a previous post, I only collect cans of non-alcoholic drinks and that's because I can't collect every kind of can out there.  Alcoholic or non-alcoholic is a black-and-white issue.  If I said "no teas," then what about Ohana which is distributed by Faygo?  I collect Faygo cans but do I say only some Faygo cans?  And Monster Energy has a line of coffees and tea, so do I only collect some  Monster cans?  So to make things easy, I collect all cans that are non-alcholic.  I even have a V8 12 oz can.

Which leads to this post.  Last night I decided to get out my boxes of cans that are taller than the standard 12 oz size, which usually means energy drinks, coffees and teas.  When I set them out I was a bit surprised.  There were only 75 cans.  In a collection that has reached 750 cans, only 10% are taller than 12 oz cans.  It seems like I pick up teas and energy drinks quite often, but apparently not as often as I thought.

Energy drinks, coffees and teas
Going the other way and looking at cans smaller than 12 oz, I only have a couple dozen 8 oz cans.  The next two sets of shelves I build will be smaller than the previous shelves I built.  One set will be for the cans pictured above (larger than 12 oz) and the second set will be for the small 8 oz cans. 



  2. I never had it. They look like they would have been good.