Saturday, December 10, 2016

The New Mountain Frost

The Summit brand version of Mtn Dew has released a new can design.  This post from five years ago shows two of the previous designs.  I noticed a couple of things about this new Mountain Frost.

First is the naming convention.  In 2008, Mountain Dew was changed to Mtn Dew and now Mtn Frost has been changed to Mountain Frost.

Second is the fact that this Dew clone no longer sports the traditional caffeine-packed yellow color.  A round stamp to the lower-right of the logo reads "No Certified Synthetic Colors."  The drink is now clear, as is boldly proclaimed to the upper-left of the logo.

The can was empty when I got it, so I haven't had the chance to taste it yet.  But who needs flavor when you're treated to 50mg of caffeine?  By the way, a real Mtn Dew has 54mg.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Titanfall 2

For Mtn Dew's 2016 Game Fuel campaign, it dropped the long-running Call of Duty franchise and is instead promoting Titanfall 2, even though there was a new Call of Duty that released just a couple of weeks after Titanfall 2 released on October 28.

I've been playing Call of Duty for a while and decided to give Titanfall 2 a try.  What could be better than fighting alongside, and inside, large battling mechs?  Not much.  It's an awesome game.  I've beat the single-player campaign twice so far and have dabbled in some of the multiplayer game modes.  

So I was excited to see this can at work this week.  Game Fuel cans offer special codes that when entered in the game unlock periods of double experience or other in-game goodies.  So I'll grab a few more from work and jump in the game for my rewards.  

Saturday, November 26, 2016

2016 Holiday Cans

I got my first two 2016 holiday cans this week.  The rest are soon to follow...

Saturday, November 19, 2016

LASER Focused Energy

Another weekend, another one-day road trip.  This time I headed west and checked out several flea markets and junk shops I've never visited before.  And this is some of what I found:

Did you notice?  They are all beer cans.  I imagine collecting beer cans is different than collecting soda cans.  There are so many more beer cans out there that it's easier to find them, but then it might be harder to find the specific ones you need. 

Finally I stopped at a Big Lots store and found a 5-can set of Laser energy drinks.

Sucky pic

I tried to get a pic of the cans in the trunk and the Big Lots sign in the background, but it didn't quite turn out.  So here's a better pic.

These cans of Laser energy drink claim to be the world's first energy drink without a hint of caffeine!  That's a pretty big claim.  They replaced caffeine with rhodiola.  A quick Google search says rhodiola is a traditional Chinese medicine and Scandinavian herb touted to promote physical and cognitive vitality.  But how does it taste?

This batch of cans contains peach mango tea, fruit punch, orange, "original", and sugar-free "original."

It's too late today for me to try one of these, but I'll check it out the next time we're having a busy day at work and see if I become more focused.  At only $.50 a can, it's worth a shot.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

To Be Recycled

My dad rode a stretch of road just outside of town today on his riding lawn mower pulling a small trailer.  He was able to pick up this many cans.  I looked through them to see if there were any I needed for my collection, but they were mostly beer cans.  No luck.

I was recently given a can crusher to tackle the mountain of bags of cans to be recycled in my garage.  I planned on doing a post on that project today but I ended up being gone all day.  

I've had people bringing occasional cans of bags to me for a year or longer and it's about time to cash them in to see if it's worth it.  As soon as I do, I'll post about it.  

Maybe there's money to be made in can collecting after all.  haha

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Pennsylvania Dutch

A few months ago I posted about the cans I found at  a nearby Amish store.  My parents went back to that store recently and found some birch beer.

The brand is Pennsylvania Dutch.  The label boasts that this birch beer is made from an old Pennsylvania Dutch recipe, hence the brand name.  Doing a Google search, I learned that birch beer is made with herbal extracts usually from... birch bark.  But back in the colonial days it was made with oak bark.

I've never tried birch beer but I'm told it's like sassafras, which I've also never tried.

The label design is so fancy that at first I mistook it as an alcoholic drink.  Beer cans often have great looking labels.

I may have to crack this one open soon.  It looks like it could be a real thirst-quencher on a nice fall day like today.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Birthday Cans

My recent birthday brought a few more cans into the house.  As part of my gift from the kids I got these three AriZona natural energy teas.

If they taste half as good as the labels look, these should be mighty fine.  They could come in handy for those long, late-night gaming sessions or binge-watching newest popular streaming series.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ecto II

2016 Ecto Cooler
A few years ago I did a post about Ecto Cooler.  It was a Hi-C citrus drink tie-in for the first Ghostbusters movie in 1987.  The can featured Slimer, one of the ghosts from the movie.

With the release of the new Ghostbusters movie earlier this year, Hi-C brought back Ecto Cooler with a new can design and I snagged one.  Of course the can features green slime dripping down over a picture of citrus, but it lacks any images of ghosts this time around.

I thought it appropriate this evening to take a few pictures of the can in an actual cemetery.  Below is a picture of the can sitting at the top of the steps that lead to an old church in the cemetery.  The plaque says the Mt. Zion Church was there from 1892-1961.

What was I doing in a cemetery this evening?  It's almost Halloween.  I was just making the most of a spooky fall evening.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sunny Addition to the Collection

A day trip across the border to Indiana today proved what I've said many times on this blog:  There are a lot more beer cans out in the wild for sale than soda cans.

A cool American Brewers collection

All beer cans
And it's true, I didn't find any soda cans today that I didn't already have.  But I found a different kind of can that I didn't even know existed...  canned sunshine.

Of course it's gimmicky but every once in a while you have to let loose and go crazy.  So this can of "sunshine" also came with instructions and additional information about its contents.

And the can was even designed to be mailed???  I've never seen that before.

Anyone interested in some fresh farm air from Illinois?  I'm ready to can it.  And I'll even discount bulk orders...

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kids' Church

There are a few people at church who know about my soda can collection.  And they know I'll take bags of cans to be recycled (after I've pulled out the cans I need for my collection, of course.)  On Wednesday evenings they have a kids' church where supper is provided.  And what's left over at the end of the evening?  A bag of empty soda cans.  So last Sunday I was asked if I wanted that bag of cans each week.  I said, "Sure."  What's one more bag of cans each week?

This morning I got my first bag.  And after going through it, I hit the jackpot with nine cans I didn't have yet.

As if that wasn't enough, my dad gave me a Walmart brand (Great Value) fruit punch can this afternoon.

Overall, not a bad catch.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Battlefield and Football Field

A co-worker gave this Monster energy drink can to me last Friday.

It's interesting that Battlefield's new game is set in WWI, but I'm waiting for the future-shooter Call of Duty Infinite Warfare to come out in a few months.  And here's the backside of the can:

My dad found this new Dr Pepper can on the side of the road and saved it for me.  More college football stuff.
And at a great Midwest antique mall on Saturday I found this straight steel classic can:

I know there's a political joke there but it wasn't worth the $8 price tag to me.  But then again, you don't see an old joke can like that very often.  Maybe I should have bought.  Non-buyer's remorse.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Birthday and a Mall

Today was a long day.  But let's skip to the good parts.  At a birthday party this morning, I was able to snag two cans I didn't have.

One was a Pepsi ad can for Raging Rivers, a water park in the area.  The other was a Sprite can with lyrics.  I've been having a hard enough time keeping track of Coca-Cola and Diet Coke lyric cans, now there are Sprite cans too.

After the party I met up with a different group and we checked out a large antique mall just across the River.

That's where I found this 50th anniversary special edition American Can can from 1984 for $2.50.  I have a few other special edition cans like this.  And it had an interesting pull-tab top on it.

A little while later I found a Diet Coke can I don't have.  But I really didn't want it.  I left the hip can with headphones and sunglasses there.  Maybe next time, haha.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Louisville, KY

I just got back from spending a couple of days in the Louisville, KY, area.  There are a lot of flea markets and antique stores and junk shops there so we made time to visit a few.  Of course I was watching for any cans I didn't have.

As usual, there weren't many soda cans to choose from among the many bottles and beer cans.  It wasn't until a HUGE store called the Peddlers Mall that I finally saw some cans.  And these weren't old, rare, collectible cans, these were new ones that came from the store's grocery area.

The Peddlers Mall grocery area

I found a Vimto fizzy drink (which the can says is "suitable for vegetarians"), a Kombucha Wonder drink, and a Polar lemon-flavored seltzer.

These were some interesting finds in the middle of the USA.  The Vimto can is from the UK.  I knew it wasn't from here when I saw it because of the can's size, it's 330 mL.  When I got home I looked  in my collection and the only other Vimto I have has some kind of middle eastern writing on it.  As far as the Nutrition Facts info, which is required on all food items in the USA, it's just a sticker which must be enough to make it ready to sell in America.

Older Vimto can

And the can of Wonder drink is interesting.  Kombucha is some kind of slightly fermented tea that supposedly has some health benefits.  This particular can comes from Portland, Oregon, which explains why the print is in English and French.

The total for all three cans was less than $.60 so I'm not expecting a lot of great taste.  I'll save the Polar seltzer water to drink last.  It sounds like my pallet may need a good cleansing after trying the other two.  :)

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Three Cheers for the Collection!

One of the cans that was brought back to me from West Virginia last month was a Cheerwine (pictured on the right).  The front of the can is the same design as the can I already had in my collection (pictured on the left), but the back of the new can advertised a documentary series on the Cheerwine website featuring "local legends," people that have made a difference in communities but aren't well-known outside of those communities.

older design
The only other Cheerwine design I have is a slightly older design that I received from a trade or purchase (pictured on the left).

And to conclude this Cheerwine post, I was recently given something else... a bottle of Cheerwine Kreme.  Yes, it's Cheerwine soda with the flavor of a Krispy Kreme donut.  It's only available in a limited market but it can be ordered online.

The person who gave it to me said it's really good.  It sounds super-sweet to me, but I'll try it soon and see if it deserves the praise it's been getting.

Unfortunately, it's not available in cans.  Yet.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Amish Store

There is an Amish community in our area and they have a store where you can buy homemade furniture, crafts, and food items.  None of my family had ever been to the store, so last weekend my parents decided to make the drive and check it out.  And they invited me to go along.

We found the store and sure enough, there was furniture, crafts, and food for sale.  I expected homegrown foods and garden items, but it was more like a regular grocery store but with a lot of variety of things you can't buy at Walmart or Target.

The only brand of soda I saw was Waist Watchers.  I have a couple of older Waist Watcher cans, but didn't know they still made it.  My dad saw this Diet Vanilla Cream flavor and picked up a 6-pack.  I told him to make sure he saves one of the cans for me!!!

The older cans were interesting because each one showed a different exercise to help you lose weight and stay in shape.

These are the two older cans in my collection.  I also have a newer Diet Root Beer can that came in some can lot I bought. 

This brand stands out in my mind.  I'm familiar with the famous Weight Watchers, but this is Waist Watchers.  And yes, I have quit a few Weight Watchers cans too, but that's a story for a different post.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

WV Trip 2016

In the past few years I've written a few posts about the annual trip to West Virginia to visit family and the cans I got on those trips.  I didn't go this year, but that doesn't mean I didn't get cans from there.

Other relatives still went and brought back these cans.  Apparently Kroger is popular there, as five of the seven cans are Big K (Kroger) brand.

One can is an Ale 8 can.  I posted about Ale 8 five years ago.  This can has a newer design than the ones that are in my collection.

And the final can is a Cheerwine can.  I recently heard some news regarding Cheerwine and Krispy Kreme donuts, but I'll save that for another post.

Another summer, more cans from WV.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Kroger Pun

Someone came over to my house last week and brought this Kroger can.  My eyes were immediately drawn to the old-time photo around the top of the can.  You don't see photos like that on cans very often.  I was impressed.

And then I noticed the name... The Fizzicist.  Haha, that's a great pun!!

On the side of the can is a thrilling and compelling story about the
high quality and good prices of American food and drinks from the late 1800's.

I give the can design of this "cheap" brand an A+.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Return of Crystal Pepsi

I don't often have a good reason to take pictures of my one and only Crystal Pepsi can, but with the recent news that Pepsi is re-releasing the brand, this was the perfect opportunity.

After proving successful in test markets in 1992, Crystal Pepsi began to sell in the USA the following year.  After a successful launch, sales dropped quickly and by 1994 the final batches had been delivered to retailers.

In March 2015, an online campaign launched to bring back Crystal Pepsi.  After a few promotional stunts, Pepsi announced last month that the brand would be re-released in Canada this month and the USA in August.

What's interesting to me is the 90's version was caffeine free, yet the new reformulated version will have caffeine. With or without caffeine, it's the "clear" that draws people to this traditionally dark cola.  And if you're eager to drink it again, or try it for the first time, be quick.  It will only be available for eight weeks.  And then it goes back to the Pepsi Vault.