Thursday, July 21, 2011

Red Bull Cola to Be Discontinued

8.4 oz Cola
I read an article earlier today that Red Bull is discontinuing their Cola and Energy Shots to refocus efforts on growth of their core brand.  This news doesn't affect me because I don't drink any of it any way.  In fact, I wasn't aware that either of those products existed.

But while at Big Lots in Williamson, WV, this afternoon, I saw both the Red Bull Cola and Energy Shots.  Knowing they aren't going to make any more, I went ahead and bought this 8.4 oz can of Cola for $.50.  I should have bought the Energy Shot for $1 but I didn't.  So I now have a can that will soon no longer be available.  Yay.

12 oz Cola
July 29 Update - I went to a local Big Lots this evening and found this 12 oz can of Red Bull Cola for $.75, so I bought it.  They did not have the energy shots, so I'll keep looking for those.

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