Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New 8 oz "Trim" Cans

There is a new can size coming to the beverage world, the 8 oz "trim."  Ball Corporation will produce the can, which will meet the newly recommended guidelines from the USDA that says 8 oz is the maximum serving size for beverages sold in schools.  The can is small, lightweight, unbreakable, quick-chilling and 100% recyclable, ideal for juices and other beverages.  The new size is a shorter version of Ball's current 8.4 oz can.  For reference, the standard Red Bull cans are 8.4 oz.  Ball will continue to make the 8.4 oz cans along with its popular "shorty" 8 oz squat cans.  I'll be watching for the new cans and will post pics of my first 8 oz trim can.

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