Sunday, July 29, 2012

We Can't Always Get What We Want

Yesterday I spent some time where my wife works.  We were doing some updating of her office (rearranging furniture, adding shelves, painting, etc).  During one of my trips through the building I noticed a small refrigerator.  I stopped.  I had to check for cans...

Inside were two 8 oz cans I didn't have.  My "cantuition" skill is getting pretty sharp, I can now sense when cans are near.  Not really.  But as I was working one of the cans from its plastic 6-pack ring my wife strolled by and told me those are there for a specific reason and they would be missed.  Rats!

In 15 months of can collecting, this was the first time I was told "No."

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Dew Day

The day started as any other.  But twelve hours into it, I owned four more Mountain Dew cans.

The first can I got literally rolled right up to me.  I was outside and the wind was blowing.  I saw a can blowing across the parking lot and it stopped at my feet.  It was the "Batman Rises" can (the can on the left in the pic). 

A little while later we stopped in a small store for drinks and I saw the newest Live Wire and Voltage can designs, so I grabbed those.

And our last stop was at a Dollar General where I found the Diet Mtn Dew "Batman Rises" can. 

I wish I could dew this every day!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


I've said it before, I like to find brands of soda/drinks that I didn't know existed.  And so is the case with today's find.  I received a box of cans and inside was this can of Lunchables cola.

I'm familiar with Lunchables because my kids are in grade school and it's one of their favorite lunches to take.  So when I saw this can I thought, "Who knew they even have their own cans of soda?"

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Bust in the Dust

This morning I accompanied a group of men who go around town to do handyman chores around the homes of the elderly who can't do the work themselves any more.  My particular group was assigned to clean out an old, dusty dilapidated shed that is going to be torn down soon.  Conditions were right for a dump dive!

Near the end of my "shift" I was disappointed I hadn't found a can yet among the rotted shelves, rusted tools and dust-covered boxes and containers.  And then I pulled up some old wooden stakes and I found a stash of eight dirty cans.  The problem was, they had all been crushed after the person drank them.  All of them were aluminum and the ones I could recognize were relatively newer cans that I already have anyway.  A couple of the cans were so crushed I don't know what brand they were. 

So what could have been a great can find turned out to be a bust... until my dad came over this evening and said he found this "rooster can" while on his daily walk the other day.

So I did end up with a treasure today after all.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Batcan

On July 20, "The Dark Knight Rises" releases in theaters.  We recently watched the first two Christopher Nolan Batman movies at work during our lunch breaks in preparation for the release of the third one.

I read a while back that Mtn Dew was coming out with a special color-changing can to promo the new movie, so I alerted my "peoples" to keep an eye open for it.  And the winner was a co-worker named Ken.

He came in to work week before last and handed it to me.  He had picked it up at a convenient store on the way to work.  I normally don't drink soda but I bottom-opened this one and drank it to celebrate the fact that I now had the can.  Whew, I had energy that afternoon!