Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Cache of Cans

Last night on the way to my kids' softball and tee ball games, they saw an alley they've never been down and wanted me to take it as an alternate route to the ball fields.  I said we would go down the alley on the way home.  So after the games, I took them down the alley.  And what did I see lying next to a garage in that alley?  A couple of tubs of soda cans.  I have known the guy who lives there for many years.  I stopped and did a quick look through a few cans and saw some I didn't have.  I grabbed eight cans and we headed home.  Remember, kids, it's wrong to steal!

I had to get back there.  So tonight, after my son's tee ball game, we went down the same alley.  This time I knocked on the guy's door to ask if I could look through his cans.  I knew he wouldn't mind, but I wanted him to know I was there.  Well, he wasn't home, so I had to ask his wife (who I've never met before) if I could dig through her husband's cans.  She gave me a strange look but said it was ok.  Not only were there the tubs but also some large trash cans full of aluminum cans.  I was having a great time but my son wasn't as thrilled.  And then he spoke the dreaded words, "I have to go to the bathroom."  So that ended tonight's digging.  Tonight's take was seventeen cans. 

I was able to get through the tubs and a few trash cans, but I know there are more cans to be had, so I will be back...

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