Saturday, December 10, 2016

The New Mountain Frost

The Summit brand version of Mtn Dew has released a new can design.  This post from five years ago shows two of the previous designs.  I noticed a couple of things about this new Mountain Frost.

First is the naming convention.  In 2008, Mountain Dew was changed to Mtn Dew and now Mtn Frost has been changed to Mountain Frost.

Second is the fact that this Dew clone no longer sports the traditional caffeine-packed yellow color.  A round stamp to the lower-right of the logo reads "No Certified Synthetic Colors."  The drink is now clear, as is boldly proclaimed to the upper-left of the logo.

The can was empty when I got it, so I haven't had the chance to taste it yet.  But who needs flavor when you're treated to 50mg of caffeine?  By the way, a real Mtn Dew has 54mg.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Titanfall 2

For Mtn Dew's 2016 Game Fuel campaign, it dropped the long-running Call of Duty franchise and is instead promoting Titanfall 2, even though there was a new Call of Duty that released just a couple of weeks after Titanfall 2 released on October 28.

I've been playing Call of Duty for a while and decided to give Titanfall 2 a try.  What could be better than fighting alongside, and inside, large battling mechs?  Not much.  It's an awesome game.  I've beat the single-player campaign twice so far and have dabbled in some of the multiplayer game modes.  

So I was excited to see this can at work this week.  Game Fuel cans offer special codes that when entered in the game unlock periods of double experience or other in-game goodies.  So I'll grab a few more from work and jump in the game for my rewards.