Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Return of Crystal Pepsi

I don't often have a good reason to take pictures of my one and only Crystal Pepsi can, but with the recent news that Pepsi is re-releasing the brand, this was the perfect opportunity.

After proving successful in test markets in 1992, Crystal Pepsi began to sell in the USA the following year.  After a successful launch, sales dropped quickly and by 1994 the final batches had been delivered to retailers.

In March 2015, an online campaign launched to bring back Crystal Pepsi.  After a few promotional stunts, Pepsi announced last month that the brand would be re-released in Canada this month and the USA in August.

What's interesting to me is the 90's version was caffeine free, yet the new reformulated version will have caffeine. With or without caffeine, it's the "clear" that draws people to this traditionally dark cola.  And if you're eager to drink it again, or try it for the first time, be quick.  It will only be available for eight weeks.  And then it goes back to the Pepsi Vault.


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  2. gotta admit i gave I in to nostalgia an drank a few of these.a can would be cool but it kinda defeats the purpose of a clear cola