Saturday, November 5, 2016

Pennsylvania Dutch

A few months ago I posted about the cans I found at  a nearby Amish store.  My parents went back to that store recently and found some birch beer.

The brand is Pennsylvania Dutch.  The label boasts that this birch beer is made from an old Pennsylvania Dutch recipe, hence the brand name.  Doing a Google search, I learned that birch beer is made with herbal extracts usually from... birch bark.  But back in the colonial days it was made with oak bark.

I've never tried birch beer but I'm told it's like sassafras, which I've also never tried.

The label design is so fancy that at first I mistook it as an alcoholic drink.  Beer cans often have great looking labels.

I may have to crack this one open soon.  It looks like it could be a real thirst-quencher on a nice fall day like today.


  1. Hey there. I also have soda can collection. Not as big as yours though. But I wondered if you drink the soda? Or do you keep the cans unopened?

    1. I don't drink soda very often, but I'll try a new brand now and then. When I open a can, I punch two small holes in the bottom and drain it. Then when it's sitting on a shelf it appears to be unopened. See my Nov 1, 2012, post for more info.