Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Birthday and a Mall

Today was a long day.  But let's skip to the good parts.  At a birthday party this morning, I was able to snag two cans I didn't have.

One was a Pepsi ad can for Raging Rivers, a water park in the area.  The other was a Sprite can with lyrics.  I've been having a hard enough time keeping track of Coca-Cola and Diet Coke lyric cans, now there are Sprite cans too.

After the party I met up with a different group and we checked out a large antique mall just across the River.

That's where I found this 50th anniversary special edition American Can can from 1984 for $2.50.  I have a few other special edition cans like this.  And it had an interesting pull-tab top on it.

A little while later I found a Diet Coke can I don't have.  But I really didn't want it.  I left the hip can with headphones and sunglasses there.  Maybe next time, haha.

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  1. Well Happy Belated Birthday!! hope ya had a good one, looks like you did!:)