Saturday, August 20, 2016

Louisville, KY

I just got back from spending a couple of days in the Louisville, KY, area.  There are a lot of flea markets and antique stores and junk shops there so we made time to visit a few.  Of course I was watching for any cans I didn't have.

As usual, there weren't many soda cans to choose from among the many bottles and beer cans.  It wasn't until a HUGE store called the Peddlers Mall that I finally saw some cans.  And these weren't old, rare, collectible cans, these were new ones that came from the store's grocery area.

The Peddlers Mall grocery area

I found a Vimto fizzy drink (which the can says is "suitable for vegetarians"), a Kombucha Wonder drink, and a Polar lemon-flavored seltzer.

These were some interesting finds in the middle of the USA.  The Vimto can is from the UK.  I knew it wasn't from here when I saw it because of the can's size, it's 330 mL.  When I got home I looked  in my collection and the only other Vimto I have has some kind of middle eastern writing on it.  As far as the Nutrition Facts info, which is required on all food items in the USA, it's just a sticker which must be enough to make it ready to sell in America.

Older Vimto can

And the can of Wonder drink is interesting.  Kombucha is some kind of slightly fermented tea that supposedly has some health benefits.  This particular can comes from Portland, Oregon, which explains why the print is in English and French.

The total for all three cans was less than $.60 so I'm not expecting a lot of great taste.  I'll save the Polar seltzer water to drink last.  It sounds like my pallet may need a good cleansing after trying the other two.  :)

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