Sunday, November 6, 2011

Summit Cans Have New Design

Earlier this year Shasta did a makeover of their can design.  After acquiring quite a few different flavors, I started seeing the new can designs for the flavors I already had.  So many of my Shasta flavors have two cans.

I found out this weekend that Summit, the ALDI brand of soda, has done the same thing.  The old Summit can design started with silver at the bottom and blended upwards into the color associated with the flavor (purple for grape, orange for orange, etc).

The new design has removed the silver and is now a solid color.  In the picture above, the old can design is on the top row and the new can design is on the bottom.  These are the only three cans so far that I have both designs.

November 26, 2011 update - I just got the new Citrus Twist can last night.  Here are those two designs:

Old and new

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