Saturday, June 9, 2012

5 Hours of Energy?

Two days ago at work, I was minding my own business at my desk when a couple of reps from 5-Hour Energy came to our building.  They went around to each person and handed out a bottle of their energy drink.

I am not an energy drink person.  I've drunk maybe a handful of them just to get the cans.  But I've seen these little 1.93 oz bottles in various stores and wondered if they really work.  After getting my bottle, I jumped online to read about the benefits/drawbacks and I've come away convinced it's a safe pick-me-up (when used in moderation).

So the next time I'm dragging at work and finding it hard to stay awake, I'll break out my little bottle of grape goodness juice and see if it really does work.  When I do, I'll update this post and let you know how it goes.

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