Monday, June 4, 2012

London 2012 Olympic Games

When I returned to work from vacation this morning, I found this Coke can sitting on my desk:

I knew it was from my Coke-drinking co-worker, so I thanked him when he got to work.  After reading the fine print, I found this design was for the London 2012 Olympic Games.  Yep, Coke is good about putting out Olympic cans.  And then I saw this:

Can 1 of 6!!  Oh great, another set to collect!!!  But that's ok, I just hope my Coke-drinking co-worker is able to get all six cans this summer. 

Go USA!!!

06/15/12 update - I found can #2 on the ground at a carnival here in town.

06/18/12 update - I got to work this morning and the co-worker who gave me can #1 had can #3 waiting for me.  

07/16/12 update - The co-worker pulled through again and brought this can #4 to work for me today.

08/06/12 update - Another co-worker brought can #5 to me this morning.  Only one to go...

08/20/12 update - A luncheon meeting was held in my building at work today.  The food was catered, but the drinks were in cans.  A co-worker was thoughtful enough to grab two cans for me during the clean up.  One was this... can # 6!!!  My set is complete.

The other can was this Olympics Diet Coke can. 

Thanks to all my co-workers who helped me finish off this set!!!  You can read the sum-up post here.

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