Saturday, April 28, 2012

Energy = My Curiosity x2

I rarely drink soda.  And when I do it's usually a white soda such as 7 Up.  I don't drink coffee.  I don't drink energy drinks.  In fact, I live a rather caffeine-free beverage life.

Sometimes when I buy an energy drink for the can, I feel bad just pouring it down the drain so I'll at least give it a couple of swallows.  And I haven't found one yet that I liked.  I've tried Red Bull, Monster and a handful of other brands but nothing has hit my fancy.

I picked up a couple of FMF energy drinks last weekend and decided to give them a try at work this week.  Afterall, one was fruit punch and the other citrus lemonade.  So on Thursday at lunch, I drank the fruit punch.  And it was good!  Before I had finished the can I already felt like leaving lunch early to get back to work.  I even went to my cousin who works with me and said, "I feel like going out and playing you at tennis.  I bet I could even beat you!"  I'm not sure where that came from, I don't even play tennis!

So now I understand the appeal of these drinks.  I was still feeling charged when I got home that evening.  I never did experience the crash I was expecting all afternoon.  So on Friday I took the citrus lemonade and drank it with lunch.  Again, I had a pleasantly active afternoon, completing work in time to leave an hour early!

But alas, I have run out of energy drinks.  I have no intention of buying more of those that I liked.  But I will continue to try new brands as I buy more cans for my collection.  Maybe I'll find some more that are good enough to drink...

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