Thursday, June 7, 2012

King of Pop

In 1983, my sister and I pooled our allowance together to buy our first LP vinyl record... Michael Jackson's Thriller.  The record sleeve had the lyrics printed on it and I spent hours following along with the lyrics while listening to the music.  I eventually moved on to other genres of music but I still respect MJ for his life-long music career.

And then I saw this can at Walmart while on vacation in West Virginia last week.  I had to buy it.  The silver graphic against the blue Pepsi background looks "bad" (in a good way). 

I don't necessarily care for the large 16 oz size of brands that normally come in 12 oz cans because they're too big to fit on the 12 oz-sized shelves, but I'll overlook it this time.  This is currently one of my favorite cans in my collection.

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