Friday, June 1, 2012

West Virginia Trip Recap

Today we returned from West Virginia.  I didn't get quite as much time to can hunt this week as I had hoped, but I was still able to come back with a sizable loot pile...

I hope to do some posts soon featuring some of these cans, but a few of the highlights include the new Pepsi Next can, the King of Pop Michael Jackson Pepsi can, the Dr Pepper Avengers Thor can that I scored from the wedding reception we attended last weekend and a 1995 Chicago Navy Pier Pepsi can I found at an antique store in Georgetown, KY. 

As far as the other activities I had hoped to do on this trip, I did not have time to go on another dump dive.  And I stopped at the Coca-Cola house but no one was home.  So maybe next year I can do both of those things.

Overall, it was a great week and I have some new cans and stories to share.

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