Friday, April 11, 2014

A Three Year Retrospective

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the start of my can collection.  So with the help of some recently found pictures, I will look back at how the collection grew.  These pictures were taken in May 2011, just a month after I started my collection. 

All 12 oz cans
Back then I kept my cans in three or four boxes in a closet.  One box held blue cans and green cans.  Another held red, orange and yellow cans.  And so on.  I had them organized my color (hence the rainbow in these pics).

But I quickly ran out of room in that closet.  It was in late June 2011 that I built my first set of shelves.  A couple of days later I had all of my cans displayed.  It was around that time that I took the pics that are used as the background on this blog. 

All cans of every size
The cans kept coming.  The collection kept growing.  I built more shelves.  Then I added even more shelves in the basement and expanded to the garage.  And now I have started using one cardboard box per brand because I can't display them all any more.

You know, when I review my three years of collecting in a quick summary like this, I worry that in three more years I may have to live in a camper because the house will be too full of cans.  If that happens, you can be sure I'll write a post about it :)


  1. You've come so far! Let's hope this blogs stays for many years to come.

    Also, this is something from an old blog post of yours,

    "I've been looking for a brand or genre of soda can to focus on. Should it be root beer? Or Dr Pepper clones? Or Mountain Dew clones?"

    You were so young and clueless about the future. LOL Happy Hunting!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I've given up on focus. There are too many good brands/styles to choose from, so why not collect them all? :)