Saturday, April 26, 2014

Q1 Team Meeting

I've posted a few times about the quarterly team meetings at my work.  (here, here and here)

A couple of nights ago we had our team meeting for the first quarter of 2014.  And again, I walked away with some souvenirs.


What surprised me were the Pepsi cans.  I had no idea a new design had been released.  Someone asked if I thought it was cool or just different.  I wouldn't say it's cool, but it sure is nice to see something different!  The Sierra Mist can is real similar to the last "new" one I had, but this one has a green calorie marker as opposed to the white one on the older can.

Another side of the new Pepsi cans
Hopefully in three months I'll have a picture of my Q2 team meeting souvenirs.


  1. I just found out about these yesterday. I just realized after seeing your pictures that I took a picture of the wrong side! Ha! I like the design on the back more, though. Happy Hunting!


  2. That's neat, I like the pepsi cans, its somthing i will keep an eye out for, im shr theyel come to canada, at least i hope!.

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I was in the store the other day lamenting the fact Pepsi never changes their cans. Then I read your post and realized they did, but they didn't advertise on the outside box about it. I went back to the store last night, peeked inside the boxes, and sure enough, there were the new Pepsi cans. I would never have known to look if it wasn't for your post. Thanks a bunch!


    1. I consider it a big deal when one of the Big Boys finally changes a can design. As I was walking into the team meeting mentioned in this post, I think I saw a new Diet Coke can lying on the ground. Carrying empty cans OUT of the meeting is one thing, carrying them INTO the meeting is another, haha. Unfortunately by the time the meeting was over the can was gone. I'll be watching to see if that a new design or not...