Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Website Pick #3: CanMuseum

On the first of every month I will feature one of my favorite can websites.  
Please send an email if you have a website for consideration.

One of the first can websites I found when I started my collection was CanMuseum.  It is, as far as I know, the largest online can catalog in the world with over 55,000 cans pictured as of today.  And the best part is you can actually contribute and be part of the can collecting community there.

The idea behind the website is one all collectors can appreciate.  Most of us don't have enough time to dedicate to our collection.  This website was created to be a catalog, or reference guide, where collectors can keep track of their collection online without doing all the work on their own.  Each can you have in your collection that is added by another collector saves you a lot of work.  And it also works the other way.  Cans you have added to the site can be used by other collectors.  You can also create a trade list so people know what cans you are willing to part with. 

The forums are a great place to learn about cans, share pics of your treasures, ask questions or buy/sell/trade.  I've made a couple of trades that started in the forums.  I've had email conversations with both founders of the site.  I even traded sixty USA cans for sixty European cans with one of the founders which really helped kick off the foreign wing of my collection.
I've been a member for a couple of years and have added over 100 cans to the site (with plans to add more).  What are you waiting for?  It's a great resource, it's fun and it's FREE! 

"Creating the best online reference guide for cans is not the work of only a few collectors. We all have to work together on it."  - Allcans, CanMuseum admin

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  1. Yes! for sure, it is a handy site i enjoy it alot! theres alot mor 10oz cans on ther then befor now from other can collectors.