Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shiver Me Tea-mbers!

I love a good pirate ship.  Who doesn't?  So I was pretty excited when I saw these nautical-themed cans at Big Lots a couple of years ago.  Not only did the colors catch my eye, but I love the maps and pirate ships and anchors and mermaids and Asian writing... etc.


The cans I have are copyright 2010 under the Admiral Beverage Company.  But a quick Google search shows Admiral Iced Tea as a product of Hansen's Natural, which has been around for many years.  The www.admiralbev.com website on the can no longer works, so my guess is the company "sank" and Hansen's bought them out.

Regardless of who owns the company, I've only drank a couple of the flavors.  They taste ok; not good enough for me to track down more yet not bad enough to pour down the drain.  For a mediocre product, the packaging is Arrr-Right in me book.

So the next time you decide to crack Jenny's tea cup, make it an Admiral Iced Tea.


  1. Wow, so Admiralable!


    1. If collecting gets to be too big of a job and I need to hire a writing staff to maintain the blog, you'll be the first I contact. haha! Good one.