Monday, April 11, 2011

My First Can (This Time Around)

I started collecting soda cans a few times while growing up.  I had a couple of brown paper grocery bags full of cans when I was a teen, but they got pitched.  I had a set of four crazy Pepsi cans from 1990, they are now missing.  For some weird reason, when I see soda cans from the 70's and 80's I think of my childhood and growing up. 

For the last week or so, I have been tossing around the idea of collecting as many different soda cans as I can.  But do I want to commit to something like that?  Will I lose interest and have a couple bags of cans just taking up space in the garage?  Where will I get the cans if I attempt this?  Our family doesn't really drink soda.
My first can
At work this morning I decided to go for it after seeing the half-empty Diet Pepsi can that has been sitting on top of the water heater for a couple of years.  I think it got a hole in its side from the soda machine in the break room and when someone bought it, they set it on the water heater to wait for it to quit squirting.  And there it still sat! 

After cleaning the can up, I set an immediate goal of having 100 different cans, a long-term goal of 250 cans, and a life-long goal of 500 cans.  Which of those goals will be my limit?  I should be able to hit the first goal but the second goal will take quite some time.  And 500 cans seems near impossible unless I just buy a bunch, but I have no intention of doing that.

The hole in my first can
So, by far the prettiest or rarest for my first can, it is nonetheless what has started it all again.

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