Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another Can, Another Expansion

Two years ago my can collection started out in a couple of cardboard boxes in a closet.  Soon I built a wooden shelf in the basement for them.  Then I built another shelf.  Then I added some plastic shelves.  And then some metal ones.  Eventually I also had boxes in a couple of corners of the basement.

In the recent relocation of the company I work for, I acquired some nice heavy-duty shelving and decided to put it in the garage and move some cans out there.  I finished the can migration this evening.  I still have plenty of cans in the basement, but now I also have a corner of the garage dedicated to my hobby.

Basement shelves - front

Basement shelves - back

Doubles, foreign and 16oz cans

It may not look like it, but my cans are well-organized.  I obviously have many brands on display on the wooden shelves.  The cardboard trays I use hold 50 cans each.  In the above pic, I have some trades in the trays on the left.  The trays in the middle on the plastic shelves are my foreign cans and the trays on the plastic shelves on the right hold my 16oz and 24 cans (along with some other miscellaneous can stuff).

New can corner in the garage

Cans along the wall are trades, boxed cans are in the collection
My new Can Corner in the garage has more trades on the left-hand wall.  The cans straight ahead are in trays and alphabetized (each tray holds 1-3 letters).  The cans on the right are waiting to be added to my website.  The boxes on the top shelf are empties for shipping and the boxes on the bottom shelf are full of more cans waiting to be processed.  It's not climate controlled and I need to add some lights, but at this point I have to take what space I can get.

After taking the above pictures tonight, for the first time in two years I had to stop and consider, "Maybe my family is right and I do have a problem..."  haha

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