Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One Last Look At Where It Started

I started my can collection almost two years ago.  And with my first can came the first post on this blog.  Last week at work we were told they are closing our building.  Fortunately my department was kept but I'm being moved to a different building.  Unfortunately a few of my friends/coworkers will soon be unemployed.  With my time in the building now running short, I recently took a few pictures that are important to the history of my can collection.

My first can

In my first blog post I told how I found my first can.  It had been sitting on top of the water heater for years.  The above picture is a re-enactment of how I found the can.  And yes, that is the exact can that started it all!

Recycle bin
What I didn't mention in the first post was the large blue recycle bin in the break room that was for aluminum cans only.  Years ago when there were dozens of people working in our building, they had a company come in once a week to haul out the full bin and leave an empty one.  By the next week it would be full.  It would have been heaven if I had been collecting back then.  But throughout the last twelve years, they moved some people to other buildings, went through a few rounds of layoffs, and here at the end there are only 8-10 of us left.  And we're not a bunch of soda-drinkers.

The picture below shows how many cans are in the bin as of this week.  And that is many months' worth.  Kind of a sad state, as is everything around the building right now.

I don't know what's in store for me and my hobby at the new building, but more than anything I hope my friends can find jobs soon and we can all put this whole nightmare behind us!

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