Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Oldest Can?

1965 Nehi
In February of 2012, I posted that a local Craigslist purchase yielded my oldest can yet.  It's an orange Nehi from 1965.

In a recent batch of cans I got, I found this old Royal Crown can.  I haven't been able to nail down an exact year yet, but I have found it's from the 1960's.  The condition is obviously poor (if not downright crappy) which is probably why I think it's older than my 1965 Nehi can, which is in excellent condition!

1960's Royal Crown
I know there are collectors out there that are thinking, "1965 is not that old" but I still consider myself a casual collector in the fact that I generally don't go after any certain brands or designs.  I tend to buy/trade for big lots and see what I get.  There are exceptions, of course, when I do occasionally hunt for certain cans.

But when one collects like I do, the cans are usually from the 80's to present day.  So when a can from the 1960's comes along, it's a nice little treasure to put in a special place on the shelf.

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