Monday, January 14, 2013

Mineral Water Tip of the Week

Everyone has an opinion.  And my opinion of mineral water isn't a good one.  In fact, you can hear my taste-test review of it here

In August of last year, I saw these cool color-changing Perrier cans and had to buy a 6-pack.  I did the aforementioned taste-test so I could add the can to my collection.  And the other five cans have been on my pantry shelf ever since.

I use flavoring in my water at work.  And this morning I had an idea.  Could I use the flavoring to improve the taste of mineral water?  I took a can of Perrier to work and gave it a try at lunch.

The flavor I chose was Great Value (the Walmart brand equivalent of Mio) blue raspberry.  I squirted some into the refrigerated Perrier and took a drink.  It was much better, but still not a drink I would choose to drink.  It gave the mineral water some much needed flavor, but there was still a twang that smacked me the wrong way.

In conclusion, for those of you who like mineral water, you may want to try adding some flavoring to it.  It definitely improved the taste for me.  Kind of.


  1. Your opinion deserves to be recognised. Adding flavouring to mineral water might be a good option for some.

    1. Thanks! I just thought I'd share my drink experiment. And if others find out they like it, all the better.

  2. There is now a new set out of Perrier in France.
    Nobody in my family drinks this. Not even mixed with something.
    So we empty this can, without drinking it.

    1. Very cool can. How can something so bad on the inside look so cool on the outside? haha. Thanks for sharing.