Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Return to An Antique Mall

Last August we went to an antique mall that used to be a grade school (read about it here).  The place is huge!  I scored five cans that day.  Since we didn't have enough time to totally check out the place, today we returned with no time constraints (and no kids). 

There were more soda cans scattered throughout the place this time, so it was hard for me to decide which few to buy.  These are the six "special" cans I chose:

Last time we were there I found a booth that had trays of 24 cans for $8.95 per tray, but they were beer cans.  Today, the booth was still there but it didn't have as many trays as last time.

I noticed there were more soda cans today than last time.  So I was able to find exactly 24 sodas sprinkled throughout the trays, which includes the start of my Canadian Dry Bicentennial Patriot collection from 1976 (the info I found said it's a 19-can set.)  That was a well-spent $8.95.

I consider today a successful hunt out in the field.  And the best part... I know there are more cans there which means we will eventually return for another visit.

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