Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Days Are Here Again

I've known for a little while about the Nehi set of Happy Days cans from 1978.  I love having complete sets, but for this one I would have to fork out quite a few dead presidents.  Most listings on eBay are for partial sets, and even those are a bit costly.  I've only seen a couple of complete sets but by the time I would pay the asking price and shipping & handling, it's more than I'm willing to pay for it.  But maybe if it was Star Wars...

So the Nehi set consists of thirty-five cans.  There are seven cans in each of five different flavors: orange, grape, strawberry, fruit punch and red soda.  I would prefer a different character or location on each can, but I guess there weren't that many in the Happy Days run.  Even though there are quite a few character duplicates, they are from different episodes or shots.  For example, there are thirteen cans featuring the Fonz, but each picture is different.

In an eBay purchase of various steel cans that I received today, I got one of the Happy Days Nehi cans.  It is a fruit punch version of Howard Cunningham.  The can is #24 in the set.  I have no immediate plans of purchasing more in this set, but if they fall in my lap as this one did I won't turn them away.


  1. We have a whole set of happy days cans from the factory my husband retired from. They are all empty and unopened. Wondering what the value is?

  2. Our cans have no holes in the bottom since they were made without soda for collectors.

  3. If anyone is interested in a full set of Happy Days soda cans please send e-mail to We have two full 35 can sets for sale.