Sunday, May 22, 2011

My First Soda Bottle

When I started telling people that I was collecting soda cans, someone offered me a lot of soda bottles.  I had to turn them down, one collection at a time is enough!  And when I go to flea markets or antique shops, there aren't a lot of cans usually but there are a lot of bottles.  But I have resisted.

While at my sister's today, I was taking a tour of her tornado-damaged shed and noticed a dirty bottle on one of the shed's shelves.  I scraped off some of its crust and saw it was an old Nehi soda bottle.  She had found it among the trash scattered across her many acres of land when she bought the place.  She asked if I wanted it.  This time I had to accept.

I really have no plans, or desire, to start collecting bottles, but I felt this was a good piece to add to my collection anyway.

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