Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My cousin's wife, DeAnn, asked me a question on Facebook one day recently, "Do you need a Pepsi Throwback can?"  Yes I did.  I had seen two versions of the can and had also seen some Mountain Dew Throwback cans, so what was all this "Throwback" about?  I jumped online and read the wiki entry.  "Throwback" not only refers to the retro packaging but the fact that the sodas are made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup that's been used in most sodas for the last twenty-five years.

Pepsi Throwbacks
Ok, so now I had it straight.  There are four cans in this "set." There are two for Pepsi; the first release can (all blue) and the can still used today (original red, white, and blue Pepsi logo design.)  There are also two for Mountain Dew; the first release can (green with the logo used from 1973-1996) and the can still used today (white with a hillbilly on it.)  In addition, Dr Pepper released their version of Throwback called Dr Pepper Heritage.

Mountain Dew Throwbacks
I went by DeAnn's house after work today and picked up the Pepsi can.  It is the current red, white, and blue can design.  I had already asked which can it was so I could order the other three cans in the Throwback set from a seller on eBay, along with the Dr Pepper Heritage can.  So in the next week or so, the package should come in and I will have all five Throwback/Heritage cans.

Dr Pepper Heritage

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