Friday, June 3, 2011

Sprite & Habitat for Humanity

Another reason to like our kids' softball and tee ball games; they have soda cans!  Our niece wanted a soda at the game last night, so when she came back from the concession stand she had a can of Sprite.  I could tell by the bright green coloring it was a Habitat for Humanity can.  When I got a closer look, I saw it was the skateboard design.  My dad had given me the other design, the basketball can, about a month ago.  So now I have both regular Sprite designs.  There is also a Sprite Zero Habitat can which I don't have yet.

Basketball and Skateboard
From March 28 to June 30, 2011, Sprite donated 10 cents to Habitat for every green tab from the top of Sprite cans that was mailed in. 

June 19 Update - I was just given a six-pack of 7.5 oz Sprite cans as part of my Father's Day gift.  They have the skateboard design.  Should I look for the 7.5 oz basketball design now?

7.5 oz skateboard design

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