Sunday, September 2, 2012

You Won A Watch!

Without cap
With cap
Last weekend at an antique mall, I found a few interesting soda cans.

The first can I want to post about is a Red Creme Barq's can that had a black cap on it resembling a hollowed out hockey puck.  I took the cap off and the can had no lid on top of it.  And then I read the cap.  Apparently at one point they had a contest where you could instantly win a digital watch.

Inside the can was a thick cardboard roll that made the can feel about the weight of a full soda can.  I don't know if the cans were hidden inside 12-packs or in vending machines (probably the former).  

The only thing that would have made this can better is if the watch had still been with it.  I have searched all over the internet and can't find anything about the contest.  And so far I've been unable to date the can.

They also had a regular Barq's can that was a winner, but since I had that design already I just bought this Red Creme can.  Now I wish I had picked up both of them.

If you have any info about this can/contest, please post a comment.  Thanks!!!

10/24/12 update - BeerCanRich99, someone I've traded cans with in the past, found a picture of the Barq's watch.  Thanks BCR99!


  1. Don't know anything about the contest, but found this link with a picture of the watch!


  2. Thanks BCR99! I've added the pic to my post.