Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Fluted Can

During a recent visit to an antique mall, I found a few interesting cans.  Here is one of them.

The can was some kind of promo can from American National Can for their new fluted can design.  See the can pic below for a list of advantages of their life-changing cans.

I couldn't tell how well the flute design was coming through in the pics, so I took another pic to try to show the ribs along the can.

I like how the can says it's "The can of the future... consumers prefer it!"  My only question is how many of you have even heard of a fluted can?  I guess it wasn't such a big hit after all.


  1. We know there have been some cherry coke cans with this ribbed design.

    1. Wow, this was the first fluted can I've seen. I'm guessing they weren't that popular. They must not have lasted too long. I'll have to watch for the fluted Cokes! Thanks.

  2. I was working for American National Can when this was developed. I was told that Coca Cola wanted exclusive use of the design but ANC didn't agree.