Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Hard Thing to Do

So I have my "A" cans which are in my main collection.  And then I have my "B" cans which are on shelves in the garage.  They are my doubles and are used for trades.  And then there are the "C" cans which are basically doubles of my doubles.  Ok, I have a hard time getting rid of cans.

Today, for the first time in the year and a half I've been collecting, I pulled out some cans to get rid of.

These are basically some of my "C" cans.  The good thing is now I have room on my trade shelves for more "B" cans.  And when someone visits my site to check out the trade cans they won't have to weed through the doubles that were there (I will update the trade can pics soon).

I don't like getting rid of the cans because I feel there is a collector somewhere that would love to have them.  When I began, I would have given anything for two trash bags full of cans!!!

But these are going to a good cause.  The cans are going to a recycle project the students are doing at the school where my wife works.  Eventually the cans will be recycled and the money will go towards books for their library. 

Even with all of those pluses, it's still a hard thing to do.

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