Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another Saturday, Another Antique Mall

It's that time of the week again; time to browse thru a local antique mall.  The one we went to today was about an hour from our house and I had no idea it was even there.  And this place was HUGE!!!  It took us over two hours to rush through it (we had our young kids with us).  And unlike most antique places I've checked, this one actually had some soda cans!!!  I couldn't buy every soda can I saw, so I choose these five:

I plan on doing a couple of posts this week to highlight a couple of these special cans.  There were several more convention cans and "special" cans I didn't buy, so maybe some day I'll have to go back...

But this place was a small heaven for beer can collectors.  One booth had 5-6 old beer cans bagged together and each bag was $1.95.  Several other booths were selling singles.  But this booth was the most impressive:

They were selling trays of 24 beer cans for $8.95 per tray.  I looked thru all the trays and only found two soda cans, one of which I already have.  But for the beer can collector this would have been an awesome find!!!

Also, I met a beer can collector there.  He said he has a few soda cans he wants to get rid of from trades and I said I have a few beer cans I want to get rid of from trades.  He lives about twenty minutes from where I work, so there may be a local trade in my near future.

By the way, the peach box on top of the beer cans in the pic above was full of bags of bottle caps.  I had considered collecting those at one time but decided to go with soda cans instead. 

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