Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stocking the Second Set of Shelves

It took quite a while, but the new shelves now have cans on them.  I basically had to take down all the cans from the first shelves, combine them with all the new cans, and start organizing them alphabetically from scratch.  There are now three sections to the collection:

These are my cans
A thru S. 

The top three rows are my foreign cans (from Japan and the Middle East).

The next four rows are cans T thru Z.

The next four rows are my Mountain Dew and Shasta cans.

The top six rows are my Coca-Cola cans.

The bottom six rows are my Pepsi cans.

And this doesn't include my 7 Up state can set, my 1977 RC baseball cans, 1978 RC baseball cans, etc.  

So am I done building shelves?  No.  Now I need some shelves to hold taller 16 oz cans (energy drinks and tea cans) and shelves to hold my short 8 oz stubbies.  But those will be built sometime in the future.  For now, the tools have been put away and my collector's hat is back on.

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